What’s New

Gavin is promoted!!!

Dr. Gavin Craig, the JSPS postdoctoral fellow, is now promoted to be a Program-Specific Assistant Professor!! Gavin already contributed a lot to our molecular cage chemistry. He is going to explore more this chemistry for a new application. Congratulations, Gavin!!

Thiago Chuba joined the group!

We are happy to welcome a new member from Brazil, Mr. Thiago Chuba!! Thiago is a MEXT scholarship student who is trying to enter the Graduate School in Kyoto University. Thiago has a research background of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, which would drive our chemistry to more fascinating applications. Welcome, Thiago!! ブラジルから新メンバー(Thiago Negrão Chuba)が加わりました。Thiagoはサンパウロ大学出身の文部科学省奨学生で、京大の大学院へ秋からの入学を目指しています。一足先に技術員として参加してもらうことになりました。Thiagoは工学系出身で、またMBAも持っている多彩なバックグランドを持つ留学生です。古川グループでは、そこに化学のエッセンスを足すことで、個性的な研究者になってもらいたいと思っています。特に、我々の基礎科学を新しい応用につなげていく課題を担当します。どんな応用研究ができるのか楽しみです!

We welcome Alexandre Legrand and Li-Hao Liu!!

Dr. Alexandra Legrand joined the group as a new postdoctoral researcher!! Alex is a synthetic, physical chemist working on MOFs projects previously with Prof. Takashi Uemura, Prof. Daniel Maspoch and Dr. David Farrusseng. Alex is going to develop new porous materials based on metal-organic polyhedra. Welcome Alex!! Mr. Li-Hao Liu joined us as a visiting…

Hinano Urabe worked in the group as a spring internship

Ms. Hinano Urabe joined the Furukawa group for a month as an internship to work on the project of supramolecular polymerization. Hinano is a talented and brave bachelor student in Kyoto University to spend her spring holiday time for the research experience. Hinano found a new polymerization process under external stimuli!! Great job, Hinano!! Meanwhile,…