Summer Alumni Reunion

On the occasion of visit of Dr. Patrick Larpent, who worked in the Furukawa group in 2014-2016, we had an alumni party together with the former members, Dr. Masashi Nakahama, Dr. Sophia Schmitt and Mr. Hiroki Enno, plus their friends. We enjoyed the time at a rooftop beer garden and at our favorite pool bar. It was really nice occasion to meet a lot of friends!! Thanks, Patrick, Hammer, Sophia and Enno + their friends for joining us and for the memorable summer party!! Hope we have the same in the near future!!


Some nice sharable pictures from the party.




[Lecture] Dr. Cristina Flors

We invited Dr. Cristina Flors, the principal investigator at IMDEA Nanoscience at Madrid, Spain, for her lecture at our group seminar on 9th/August. We enjoyed her new research of development of new super-resolution microscopy. We had a lot of audiences from different groups as well. Thanks Cristina for visiting us!!

Dr. Cristina Flors
Title: Novel correlative microscopy tools to study biology and biomaterials at the nanoscale


High school students from Aizu, Fukushima, visit the Furukawa group

In the occasion of iCeMS learning lounge, the 9 students from Aizu Gakuhou High School in Fukushima Prefecture, visited the Furukawa group and got experiences the simple chemistry of metal-organic frameworks.

This time, Ms. Shuya Ikemura, a master student, demonstrated the localization of MOF crystallization on silicon wafer and the students also enjoyed the patterning of MOFs with their fingerprint structures, which were demonstrated by Prof. Paolo Falcaro in Adv. Mater. 2015, 27, 7293. We are quite happy to see that the cutting-edge science is also able to entertain the future scientists!! Thanks Paolo for this great work!!

After this visit, these high school students gave a great presentation in English in front of ca a hundred of scientists!! This presentation will be uploaded soon in our iCeMS YouTube Channel.

古川准教授が今年の3月にiCeMSキャラバン「学びのカラクリ」の一環で訪問した福島県立会津学鳳高校の生徒たちがiCeMSラーニングラウンジでのプレゼンテーションに先立って、古川グループを訪問しました!修士課程の池村くんが、MOFの結晶化に関する研究指導を行い、高校生たちは研究を体験しました。特に自分の指の指紋のパターンにそって、MOFの結晶化が起こる様子をみて喜んでいました。この研究はPaolo Falcaro教授が近年報告した論文にそってデモンストレーションしたものであり、最先端の研究が科学教育にも利用できる素晴らしい例であることを実感しました。



Summer Party

We had a nice summer party together with Horike, Hirori, Kitagawa-Kajiwara groups + a legend chemist Prof. Koji Tanaka, for celebrating the successful job hunting of master students. We had a nice chat in HUB@Karasuma and then our favorite spot, Bungalow!! Congratulations, Ikemura, Ohara and Mine!! Good time to chill out over a cold beer.



[Paper] Chem. Mater.

The paper about the localized MOF to Gel conversion is now published in Chem. Mater. This research was conducted by Sophia, who came to our group as a guest student from KIT and were working with Dr. Manuel Tsotsalas, who is also an alumni of the group. Dr. Stephane Diring currently in Nantes supervised the project. We are so glad to publish this paper as a great friendship collaboration!! Congratulations, Sophia, Stephane and Manuel!

[Paper] J. Mater. Chem. A

The collaboration paper with the group of Prof. Fischer is now published in J. Mater. Chem. A. We applied coordination modulation into the layer-by-layer growth and controlled the surface feature and crystallinity. Congratulation, Suttipong and Kenji!!

[Paper] Chem. Commun.

The collaboration paper with the group of Prof. Rob Ameloot is now published in Chem. Commun. This study demonstrated the photopatterning of microchannels in single crystals of MOFs. The research was supported by JSPS-FWO bilateral collaboration project. Congratulations, Ivo and Rob!

Photopatterning of fluorescent host–guest carriers through pore activation of metal–organic framework single crystals

Prof. Rob Ameloot(KU Leuven, Belgium)との共同研究に関する論文がChem. Commun.に公開されました!光化学反応を用いてMOF単結晶内部にマイクロチャネルを自在に作成する研究です。本研究は日本学術振興会二国間交流事業(共同研究)によって支援されました。


Shuhei Furukawa is elected as a recipient of The Young Scientists’ Prize by MEXT

Prof. Shuhei Furukawa is awarded The Young Scientists’ Prize, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for his study on “Structural Control of Coordination Polymers at the Mesoscale”.



Press Release: MEXT (Japanese), Kyoto Univ. (Japanese), iCeMS (Japanese, English)