We scientists are currently more expected to engage our researches with public. And like many others the Furukawa group started twitter and instagram to share our fun moments in daily life and at lab.

Today we are happy to make a new section in the menu of our website, social media. Not only with twitter or instagram but with another strong tool Youtube, our research and idea are spreaded to the world.

Currently we have three videos in Youtube as followings. Please enjoy them!!

One is BBC arabic. Very recently our research is highlighted in the tech news in BBC Arabic. The language is Arabic so that indeed none of us do not understand how our research is translated! This is a good motivation for us to recruit a new member who can speak Arabic.

The second is the talk by Shuhei at the iCeMS Learning Lounge last year. Shuhei has been working in iCeMS more than 8 years. He shared his experience in the multidisciplinary institute iCeMS and how he got a new idea of the educational program. This talk was delivered in Japanese.

The third one is the talk by our former member Patrick Larpent. He also gave a talk in iCeMS Learning Lounge and shared our porous research in English.

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