Our research and individuals are covered in social media. We are happy to share these nice movies with you!

Kyoto University Professor Theater

Shuhei and the group members are highlighted in the university promotion program, Kyoto University Professor Theater! You can find nice smiles and laughs of our group members in the youtube video! (Japanese)


BBC Arabic

We are highlighted in the technology news in the BBC Arabic! The news introduced Kyoto and the innovation in Kyoto University. Our research was selected as one of the cutting-edge researches! (Arabic)


Learning Lounge

iCeMS organized the public talk sessions named “Learning Lounge”, at which scientists discuss why our research matters.

Shuhei talked about his educational viewpoints of multidisciplinary researches happened in iCeMS last 10 years. The tile of his talk is “Why do we scientists look happy?” (Japanese).

古川准教授が語る、iCeMSでの異分野融合の結果もたらされた思わぬ副産物。違う分野の研究者が集まることで作り出すことができたのは、研究だけではなく、新しい教育の考え方でした。「 科学者が楽しそうなワケ:異分野融合の先に見えたもの」。


Patrick discussed the research of nano-pockets that trap small molecules. This is what exactly we are trying (English)!!