In spring time in Japan, people are moving to next positions. In the Furukawa group, we were sad to see the departure of Dr. Frederik Haase, Ms. Natalia Adati and Ms. Eshiro Shizuka.

Frederik decided to leave a bit earlier than initially planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this is a positive move. Frederik got a position in the group of Prof. Christof Wöllat the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. We made a farewell party for Frederik at the open-air restaurant.

Natalia as a research student left the group to work in the chemistry industry. Shizuka is a currently 3rd year undergraduate student with the major of civil engineering. Shizuka perfectly worked on the industrial collaboration. Thank you!!

Good luck, Frederik, Natalia and Shizuka!!

In spring, we also welcomed new students.

Mr. Yuuki Hiramatsu joined the group as 4th year undergraduate student. Yuuki will work on the project with the Horike group as his graduate project.

Mr. Yosuke Hara joined the group as PhD student. Yosuke is officially a student from the Hiroshi Kitagawa group. He worked on the multiscale structuring of metal oxide and metal-organic frameworks with hierarchical porosities.

We are happy to welcome both talented students in our group!! Enjoy science!!`

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