In the autumn 2021, some of our members left the group for starting a new life.

Dr. Colm Healy, the JSPS postdoctoral fellow, left the group for starting a new life in Ireland. We really appreciate that Colm joined our group during the most tough time due to the COVID-19. Mr. Vincent Monnier who visited us the JSPS summer program also left back to France. He came to Kyoto for two months to work on the collaboration project with our former member. Dr. Stephane Diring. Both gave nice farewell talks in open-air condition!!

Finally, our great secretary, Ms. Kazuko Trauden, left the group. She worked for 5 years in our group!! We wish her new journey. As a successor, we welcomed Ms. Makiko Osumi as our new secretary.

Good luck, Colm, Vincent and Kazuko!! Welcome Makiko!!

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