In this September, we welcomed three new members to the group!! We hope all of them will enjoy science and great life in Kyoto.

Dr. David Burke joined as a JSPS postdoc from the Will Dichtel group at Northwestern University, USA. David used to work on COFs and their membranes. Here, David will develop responsive metal-organic cages materials. David is our first American postdoc in history!! Let’s enjoy chemistry together.

Po-Chun Han re-joined our group!! Po-Chun used to work in our group as an exchange master student from the Kevin Wu group at National Taiwan University. He came back here to do his PhD research as an exchange student again!! Po-Chun will stay here for half a year to develop a new materials system based on metal-organic cages. We waited for you for a long time!!

Kai Huang from Wuhan University of Technology joined us as a research student. Kai finished his master at Wuhan and prepares to join us as a PhD student next Spring. He has a bioengineering background and will contribute to our bio-related projects!! Welcome, Kai!!

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