[Review] CrystEngComm

The review article about emerging applications of metal-organic framework is published in CrystEngComm. Prof. Christian Doonan kindly invited Shuhei to be a coauthor for the part of bioapplications of MOFs. Always great to collaborate with good friends!!

[Paper] Inorg. Chem.

The paper about coordination replication from calcium carbonate is published in Inorg. Chem.!!! This result demonstrated the facile material fabrication of calcium-based MOFs from natural products, such as eggshell or corals. The lead author is Kenji Sumida. Congratulation, Kenji!!!

[Paper] CrystEngComm

The collaboration paper with Prof. Chris Sumby about the crystal size effect of flexible MOF is now published in CrystEngcomm! This result is based on the research carried out during the JSPS visit of Chris. Congratulations!!

[Paper] J. Mater. Chem. A

The collaboration paper with the group of Prof. Fischer about the hierarchical MOF thin films on QCM is published in J. Mater. Chem. A! Dr. Kenji Sumida contributed a lot to the selective QCM study. Congratulations!!

[Review] Coord. Chem. Rev.

The review article about nanoparticles@MOF is published online in the themed issue in Coord. Chem. Rev. This article is written by the world-wide groups working in MOF fabrications; Dr. Paolo Falcaro (CSIRO), Prof. Christian Doonan (Adelaide), Prof. Rob Ameloot (Leuven), Prof. Daniel Maspoch (Barcelona) and Prof. Shuhei Furukawa (Kyoto). Always glad to work with friends!…

[Paper] Dalton Trans.

The paper about physiologically stable nitric oxide frameworks is now published online in Dalton Trans. The lead author of the paper is Chiwon Kim.

[Cover Picture] Chem. Commun.

Our recent collaboration paper with Prof. Kazuyoshi Kanamori (Kyoto Univ.) is highlighted in the Front Cover Picture of Chem. Commun!! This image explains the conversion of green copper hydroxide to blue Cu3(btc)2 MOF by coordination replication process. Congratulations!!