We organized the UK-Japan Workshop on “Organic-Inorganic Framework Materials”, together with iCeMS and British Consulate-General, Osaka.

Time&Date: 10-11th/October, 2013
Place: 2nd Floor Seminar Room @iCeMS Main Bldg, Kyoto University.
No registration required, free of charge.

Please visit the workshop website.

All participants!!!

Susumu Kitagawa (iCeMS, Kyoto Univ); Opening Remarks

Tomohiro Nakayama (JST); Opening Remarks

Ed Thomson (UK Science & Innovation Network); Opening Remarks

Tony Cheetham (Univ. of Cambridge); Opening Remarks and Kick off Talk
Some Aspects of the Physical Properties of Inorganic-Organic Framework Materials

Hiroshi Kageyama (Kyoto Univ.);
Topochemical Reactions in Condensed Phases toward Functional Properties

Andrew Goodwin (Univ. of Oxford);
Order, Disorder, Flexibility, Function: Functional Molecular Frameworks by Design

Katsuhiko Ariga (NIMS);
Manual Nanotechnology as a New Nanotechnology Manual

Sihai Yang (Univ. of Nottingham);
Metal-Organic Framework Materials for Gas Storage and Separations

Shigeyoshi Sakaki (Kyoto Univ.);
Gas Absorption and Spin Transition of the Hofmann-Type Porous Coordination Polymer: Theoretical Study

Hiroshi Kitagawa (Kyoto Univ.);
Creation of Functional Materials on the Basis of Elemental Strategy

Richard Catlow (University College London);
Predictive Computational Modelling of Microporous Materials

Tina Düren (Univ. of Edinburgh);
Molecular Simulation of Adsorption in MOFs: Useful Insights but Only if Used With Care

Ben Slater (University College London) ;
Insights into Structure and Function of MOFs

Hiroki Oshio (Univ. of Tsukuba) ;
Metal Complexes with Multi-Bistability

Satoshi Horike (Kyoto Univ.);
Design of Proton Conductive Pathways in Coordination Polymers

Richard Walton (Univ. of Warwick);
OF Crystallisation: In Situ Diffraction and Multi-Component Materials

Yasuhide Inokuma (Univ. of Tokyo);
Crystallographic Analysis of Trace Compounds Using Porous Complexes

Russell Morris (Univ. of St Andrews);
Out of Weakness Comes Strength—Using the Instability of MOFs to Our Advantage

Shuhei Furukawa (iCeMS, Kyoto Univ.);
Controlled Molecular Release from Porous Coordination Polymers

Kenichiro Itami (Nagoya Univ.);
Controlled Bottom-Up Synthesis of Molecular Nanocarbons

Matthew Rosseinsky (Univ. of Liverpool);
Selective Sorption and Structural Transformations in New Metal-Organic Frameworks

The seminar room was full of audiences!!

The discussions were continuously being active event at the reception.

Exchanging ideas at the coffee break and the poster session.

Informal mixer at the end of workshop.


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