Assoc. Prof. Shuhei Furukawa and three students, Mr. Chiwon Kim, Mr. Kenji Yoshida, and Mr. Jicheng “Tony” Zhang attended the 94th annual meeting of Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) at Nagoya University. Shuhei gave three lectures including the award lecture for the CSJ Award for Young Chemists. All students, Chiwon, Kenji and Tony also gave nice oral presentations in the meeting.

We also had the alumni party of the MC2 (or formerly named Hybrid Pores) group. The former members of Dr. Mio Kondo, Dr. Ayako Umemura, Dr. Yoko Sakata, Dr. Yohei Takashima, and Dr. Yu Hijikata kindly joined the party at a nice Thai restaurant. Thanks for the nice organization, Chiwon!!

Shuhei got nice gifts from the former members and the current members on the occasion of the CSJ award! Thank you all!!!

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