We had a big year-end party on 5th of December, together with neighboring colleagues working in iCeMS! Kenji Yoshida prepared his special hotpot (nabe) and we enjoyed cooking of Takoyaki.

On 7th of January, we had a great visit of the former MC2 member, Ms. Sophia Schmitt. Occasionally, that day was the last working day for the member of iCeMS Kitagawa group, Dr. Hiroshi Inaba, who is currently working in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We welcomed Sophia and celebrated Hiroshi’s departure.

We had a regular new year party among the professors of Kitagawa group on 10th of January.

Finally, the new year party of MC2 was held at the special “Ramen” restaurant, Gogyo, on 27th of January, together with our great collaborators, Prof. Ken Kamei and Prof. Reiko Sakaguchi.

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