Dr. Masashi Hammer Nakahama, who carried out the research in the MC2 group for 6 years and 9 months, left the group and started working in the American-based chemical industry in June. Hammer first joined as a technician in the ERATO project in 2009 and worked as a PhD student in 2011-2015 and as a postdoc afterwards. Hammer initiated a lot of projects, in particular, started his own cell biology related project. Hammer was also known to be a social person and was being as a hub to connect the MC2 with other iCeMS research groups. Good luck, Hammer! We will miss you!!

The Hammer’s farewell party (plus another farewell for Oliver and welcome for Marina) was held at his favorite French restaurant. Our former members, double Kenji, (Kenji Sumida and Kenji Yoshida) also joined us to celebrate Hammer’s new departure.

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