Dr. Alexandra Legrand joined the group as a new postdoctoral researcher!! Alex is a synthetic, physical chemist working on MOFs projects previously with Prof. Takashi Uemura, Prof. Daniel Maspoch and Dr. David Farrusseng. Alex is going to develop new porous materials based on metal-organic polyhedra. Welcome Alex!!

Mr. Li-Hao Liu joined us as a visiting student from Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), Taiwan. Li-Hao is a PhD student in the group of Prof. Hsi-Ya Huang and Prof. Chia-Her Lin. Li-Hao will stay here for half a year. Welcome Li-Hao!!

We welcomed the newest members at the Hanami (cherry blossom) party at the Kamo-gawa, together with other chemistry labs in iCeMS (Horike and Kitagawa groups and our new PI group, the Daishi Fujita group!). We enjoyed a lot of drinks under the beautiful Sakura.

古川グループに、4月から新しいメンバー(Alexandra Legrand、Li-Hao Liu)が加わりました。AlexはMOFとポリマーのハイブリッド材料で有名な東大の植村卓史教授のグループから、Li-Haoは新しいMOFの合成から応用まで行っている台湾の中原大学のChia-Her Lin教授のグループから来ています。これまでの経験を生かした、新しい多孔性材料の創製を行います。これからどの様な成果が出てくるのか楽しみです!


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