In Japan, a new academic year starts in April and we farewelled and welcomed members. Our master student, Mr. Thiago Negrao Chuba, graduated his master course and continued to the PhD!!

The undergrad student, Mr. Yuuki Hiramatsu, left the group and started working in business industry. Our office assistant, Mr. Shu Takagi is officially assigned to the Fukazawa group in the same building for his undergrad research project. Good luck, Yuuki and Shu!

We also welcomed new members. Dr. Tomoki Tateishi joined us as a postdoc from the Hiraoka group at the University of Tokyo. Tomoki is a specialist of self-assembly process in solution and will contribute to the unveiling of assembling process of MOPs across multiple length scales. Mr. Shun Tokuda rejoined us for his undergrad research project after two and half years of working here as an office assistant. Welcome Tomoki and Shun!!

We had a quiet Hanami lunch next to the Kamo river a week ago. Our new year started with these great members!!