Assistant Professors Stephane Diring and Julien Reboul left the group in the end of October and went back to France for their new CRNS positions. Both of them joined the group in spring/2009 as postdocs in the ERATO Kitagawa project and were promoted to be assistant professor in the iCeMS later. We spent the time of five and a half years together and finally the time of their departure comes… Though it is a big loss in our group, it is now the time to wish their bright futures!! Good luck, Stephane and Julien!!

Stephane Diring starts working in Nants (CNRS-CEISAM): Website

Julien Reboul starts working in Paris (CNRS-LRS): Website

The group trip to Fushimi for visiting a Sake Brewery.

The second party after the visiting of Sake brewery, together with our Australian guests, Paolo Falcaro, Kang Liang, and Christian Doonan.

On the last working day of Stephane and Julien, our former group members, Mio Kondo, Yoko Sakata, Hiromitsu Uehara, Yohei Takashima, and Yu Hijikata, plus special guest Hirotoshi Sakamoto rushed to Kyoto after the work and joined us for the last party!! It was a memorable moment!!

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