At the beginning of the new academic year, we farewelled and welcomed group members. Sakura aka cherry blossom season bloom in such a season.

Dr.Yosuke Hara worked in our group as a visiting student left the group and started working in the chemical industry. He worked on the hierarchical porous system based on metal-organic frameworks gels. Yosuke is a really talented student who is self-disciplinary and designs research projects. We wish him future success and endeavors!!

We welcomed our new undergraduate students!! Ayana Miyata and Taichi Nishiguchi joined the Furukawa-Horike joint laboratory in the Undergraduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University. Ayana works in the Furukawa group to synthesize new metal-organic polyhedra for environmental applications and Taichi works in the Horike group to make new hybrid glass materials. We are very happy to welcome these super motivated students. Enjoy science!!

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