Shuhei Furukawa is elected as a recipient of The Young Scientists’ Prize by MEXT

Prof. Shuhei Furukawa is awarded The Young Scientists' Prize, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for his study on "Structural Control of Coordination Polymers at the Mesoscale". Congratulations!! 古川准教授が平成29年度「科学技術分野の文部科学大臣表彰若手科学者賞」を受賞しました。受賞課題は「配位高分子のメゾスコピック構造制御に関する研究」です。 Press Release: MEXT (Japanese), Kyoto Univ. (Japanese), iCeMS (Japanese, English)

[Alumni] Manuel Tsotsalas got the Young Investigator Fund from the Helmholtz Association!!

Dr. Manuel Tsotsalas, our former postdoc and currently the group leader at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), won the prestigious Young Investigator Research Fund from the Helmholtz Association!! This research fund supports an independent research group, which means that Manuel now become a principal investigator at the KIT!! Congratulations, Manuel!! Press release from KIT:…

[Alumni] Kenji Sumida got the ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)!!

Dr. Kenji Sumida, the former member of MC2 and currently working in the University of Adelaide, Australia, won the Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (ARC DECRA)!! Kenji becomes a principle investigator and starts his own group soon at the University of Adelaide. Congratulations, Kenji!! Press release from ARC: click here

[Award] Susumu Kitagawa wins Marco Polo Prize(マルコ・ポーロイタリア科学賞)

Our boss and the institute director, Prof. Susumu Kitagawa, won the Marco Polo Prize for Italian Science(マルコ・ポーロイタリア科学賞)on 1st/April and delivered an award lecture at at the symposium "Italy meets Asia 2015: Scientific Venue in Kyoto 2015". Congratulations! Web release: iCeMS (English/Japanese)

[Award] Hiroki Enno won the first prize at Idea Competition(日経テクノルネサンス・ジャパン)

Mr. Hiroki Enno, the member of MC2, won the first prize at the Scientific Idea Competition organized by Nikkei Shinbun(日経テクノルネサンス・ジャパン 未来の夢アイデアコンテスト 藤森工業部門: Facebook), together with his colleauges from the Training Program of Leaders for Integrated Medical System for Fruitful Healthy-Longevity Society (LIMS). Congratulations, Hiroki!!!

[Award] Shuhei Furukawa wins The CSJ Award for Young Chemists(日本化学会進歩賞)

Assoc. Prof. Shuhei Furukawa wins The Chemical Society of Japan Award for Young Chemists(第63 回日本化学会進歩賞) for his "Development of Novel Porous Property by Crystal Interface Engineering of Coordination Polymers". Assist. Prof. Satoshi Horike from the Kitagawa Laboratory at Graduate School of Engineering simultaneously wins the same award!! Congratulations!! Web release: Chemical Society of Japan (Japanese)

[Award] Susumu Kitagawa wins Leo Esaki Award(第10回江崎玲於奈賞)

Our boss and the institute director, Prof. Susumu Kitagawa, wins the 10th Leo Esaki Award(第10回江崎玲於奈賞)from the Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki(茨城県科学技術振興財団)for his "Development of Innovative Porous Coordination Polymers". Congratulations!! Web release: iCeMS (Japanese/English),

[Award] Kenji Hirai is selected for a finalist of the 2013 Reaxys PhD Prize

Dr. Kenji Hirai, the former member of MC2, is selected for one of the finalists of the 2013 Reaxys PhD Prize. These 45 finalists are selected from more than 580 applications from all over the world. Dr. Kenji Sumida, a JSPS postdoc of MC2, was also selected last year. Congratulations to Kenji Hirai!! Link to…