Kotaro Takahashi challenges SPEC@Kyoto Univ.

Mr. Kotaro Takahashi, who used to be an internship student, tries a new project with his creativity!! His project "noiseless straw" was selected as one of the challenge projects supported by Kyoto University, SPEC (Student Projects for Enhancing Creativity). We believe your creativity!! Congratulations!! 我々のグループの元インターンシップ生の高橋晃太郎君(理学部1回生)のアイデアが、京大学生チャレンジコンテスト(SPEC)のテーマに選ばれました。高橋くんは、「無音ストロー」を開発します。彼の新しいチャレンジに賛同していただける方は、ぜひ下記のリンク先にある動画をご覧ください!応援よろしくお願いします! 無音ストローの開発(寄付ページ):Click Here 高橋くんプレゼン動画(YouTube):Click Here

New Year Party

We organized the new year party with some friends in iCeMS at the French restaurant. The family of Prof. Paolo Falcaro, who is the JSPS visiting professor, also joined us. We see the great collaboration between the Japanese and Italian kids!! Great start of the new year!!

[Alumni] Yoko Sakata featured in Asahi Shinbun

Prof. Yoko Sakata, the former postdoc@MC2 and currently an assistant professor in Kanazawa University, is feature in one of the major Japanese newspapers, Asahi Shinbun!! Congratulations!! 我々のグループの元博士研究員の酒田陽子さん(金沢大学助教)が12月3日の朝日新聞科学欄「ミチをひらく」にて紹介されました!学生ー博士研究員ー助教という酒田さんの研究キャリアにおいて、どのような考えで研究を展開してきたがわかりやすく書いてあります。おめでとう! 朝日新聞(2015年12月3日)31面「ミチをひらく 分子の組み立て 自由自在 酒田陽子さん」

iCeMS Symposium on “Processing and Engineering of Porous Materials”

On 27/November/2015, we organized the iCeMS Symposium on "Processing and Engineering of Porous Materials". We invited four speakers from the outside of iCeMS, Dr. Paolo Falcaro (CSIRO, Australia) who is visiting the MC2 group as the JSPS visiting professor, Dr. Josep Puigmarti-Luis (EMPA, Switzerland), Prof. Masahide Takahashi (Osaka Prefecture University) and Prof. Kazuyoshi Kanamori (Kyoto…

[Alumni] Ayako Umemura will be featured in the Japanese Science TV Program!!

Dr. Ayako Umemura, the former postdoc in the MC2 group, will be featured in "ScienceZERO", the scientific TV program from NHK!! Ayako will give a talk about "Beautiful shape of life" in the presentation competition organized by the program. Good luck, Ayako!! Detail information is linked below (only Japanese). 我々のグループの元博士研究員の梅村綾子さんがNHKのサイエンスZEROに登場します!12月5日に公開収録形式で行われる「サイエンススタジアム2015」にて、若手プレゼンターの一人として、「生命が作る美しい形」についてプレゼンします。綾子さん、頑張ってください!詳細は下記のリンクをどうぞ!12月20, 27日に放送される予定です。 Link to NHK website:…

Chiwon Kim defended his PhD thesis

Mr. Chiwon Kim, a PhD student in the MC2 group, defended his PhD thesis on November/21st/2015!!! Chiwon joined the group in the beginning of 2011 from Pusan National University and started working on the interdisciplinary research project on the fabrication of MOFs towards gas biology. His presentation at the defense was perfectly convincing and amazing!!…

[Alumni] Manuel Tsotsalas got the Young Investigator Fund from the Helmholtz Association!!

Dr. Manuel Tsotsalas, our former postdoc and currently the group leader at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), won the prestigious Young Investigator Research Fund from the Helmholtz Association!! This research fund supports an independent research group, which means that Manuel now become a principal investigator at the KIT!! Congratulations, Manuel!! Press release from KIT:…

[Alumni] Kenji Sumida got the ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)!!

Dr. Kenji Sumida, the former member of MC2 and currently working in the University of Adelaide, Australia, won the Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (ARC DECRA)!! Kenji becomes a principle investigator and starts his own group soon at the University of Adelaide. Congratulations, Kenji!! Press release from ARC: click here